You're getting married! Hurrah!

I'd love to photograph your big day. Or little day - however you want it to be! Elopement, backyard barbie, beachside vows or 300 strong guest list kinda bash. If you're doing it all, the way you really want to, then it will be fabulous.

Much the same as doing things organically for your special celebration, that's the way I like to go about the day. I blend in and snap you when you don't really know I am. Every now and then I might give a bit of direction but apart from that, I'm capturing you being YOU. Because for me, that's everything. Your story should be honest and real - real life, with real people, showing real emotion. Painfully posed and cheesy faces aren't my thing. I want the in between moments when your guard is down and your emotions cannot be contained, where love and overwhelm spill out through smiles and tears and hugs and infectious joy.

We'll be sure to get together beforehand to be clear on what you expect from me and how your day will run. Most importantly, I want you to feel completely comfortable with me. Because I'll be a big part of your day. Investing in beautifully honest photographs to tell your story is so very important, as is your relationship with the person taking them.

*I'm also available to film your day; just drop me an email and we can chat.