We wandered the winding bends of The Boulevard, Ivanhoe. Families come from all over Melbourne to walk this suburban street which has been lit with Christmas cheer for over sixty years; one of Melbourne's longest standing traditions. Residents of The Boulevard decorate their houses to share with young and old, of their own accord. Roads are closed, local bands play; mostly carols, sometimes not (see crazy haired teenage band playing in their driveway, who were actually quite good), food trucks and sausage sizzles park on the footpaths to keep you nourished on your long evening stroll.

The sun fell below the city and a full moon took its place in the clear night sky. The lights, coloured and white, still and dancing, grew brighter and brighter as we turned each bend.

Two hours of strolling and the sausage stand appeared as if by magic. Just what the tired, pregnant lady had ordered. Hot and hearty snags in bread (with loads of onion, of course) filled our bellies and warmed our chilly bones.