I remembered! Because I wrote it on the calendar in CAPS. Hurrah!

Early morning dancing, exploring, watching new growth slowly unfurl, Ff dress up day at school, snoozing in the dappled lounge room window light, working, pizza making, seeing the sun fall behind the houses and watching from the outside - feeling grateful for a husband who picks up where I left off, and shower-time laughter. So much laughter.

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In the past my Ten on Tens have usually been more like Twelve on Tens.. and last month the tenth came and went and I couldn't get my shit together until the fifteenth.. so it's Twelve on Fifteen this time. Must do better for March!



On my old blog I used to join Rebekah each month for her project Ten on Ten - one photograph every hour, for ten hours, on the tenth of each month. Those seemingly insignificant moments piled together like a big jigsaw puzzle to create the most beautifully imperfect painting of our lives over the coarse of a year.

I didn't join in last year and I've really missed it. So I want to start a fresh and pull those 120 photographs together (though usually more because I am rarely able to choose just ten..) to make another puzzle this year. Because these kids of ours are growing too fast and there will be a good deal of change to come this year and I need to document it. Remember it all.


I *met* Angie online a few years ago, through the blogging world. We only met in person a few months before her and Bren's wedding day last October, and was delighted to find she was as warm, outrageous and hilarious in person.

Angie + Bren have done things their own way - making three beautiful babies together before tying the knot. But - in Angie's own (paraphrased) words - she's missed out on a lot and she's got a VERY specific 80s/90s playlist she'd instructed their DJ to play and no one - NO ONE - was getting in the way of her and that dance floor. Her three littles included. And boy did that dance floor get a work out! It was full all night long - a beautiful mash up of deep love, rock solid friendships, genuine happiness, overwhelm, letting go and alcohol. The best kind of mash up for a celebratory dance floor.

Angie rocked two gowns - the chapel doubling as ceremony venue and change room - the guys and girls all so unique and elegant. The whole day was so relaxed, and such a joy to watch from the sidelines. No over the top expectations or stressed bridal party.. just one big exhale, allowing ALL the love and light from their loved ones to envelope the special couple until the very last move had been busted on the dance floor, and the last fairy light had burnt out into the darkness.

Here's the short three minute version..

Aaand the long scrolly one..

Venue :: Inglewood Estate, Kangaroo Ground, Victoria