Photographing babies arriving into the world is like nothing else.

The first birth I photographed was a few years after I had given birth to my youngest; having never been in a birthing suite not being the one giving birth.. looking back, it was a great advantage. I knew what Gerry was feeling and how her body was reacting to the labour.

She had given me free reign as to what I was to document. So I shot everything. Everything.

I think when birth photography is discussed, expectant mothers either dive in wholeheartedly or look at you like you have three heads. And I'm okay with either. This type of photography is so incredibly personal, so intimate, it is - most certainly - not for everyone. There can only be a loose plan.. so many variables that are left hanging in the air.. until baby decides they are ready to arrive. Sometimes the planning works - and sometimes baby is just too quick for everyone. And that is the great risk of documenting a birth.

If photographing baby's birthday is for you, I'd love to be there - to freeze time and show you how incredibly powerful your journey was to bring your baby into the world. We plan as much as we can and then pray for the rest. And if the mystery variables come together, I turn up and try my hardest to be invisible mixed with just the right amount of support.. given I know what you're going through.

I invite you to spend a little time thinking about how you would feel if you had baby's first breath captured forever? The elation, exhaustion and relief on your face frozen in time? So every time you went back to look through your birth photos you felt exactly how you did in that moment? No blurry phone shots from your kind midwife or anaesthetist - real photos. Of real life. Openly raw, vulnerable life.


Fresh 48 sessions are perfect if you'd really like your baby's birth photographed, but just don't feel you can open the door to allow me in to your sacred space during such vulnerability. I'll be on call to be with you within 48 hours of baby arriving, whether that's at home or hospital; still able to catch all the newness - and perhaps with siblings, or family if you want to -  so that those first hours and days together become a tangible memory, rather than a blurry one.

Tahnee, thank you sooooo much for all you did today. I can’t wait to see the photos. Gabriel and I are overwhelmed that you were able to capture this amazing day. Honestly I was oblivious to your presence during most of the day (as I laboured and said perhaps one too many inappropriate things!) getting glimpses of you every so often. You were present with such grace and tenderness and respect. Thank you again. Gerry xxx