Family. It's everything, isn't it? I think so.

So many stories to be told in every little house, the world over. Our family units are unique and vibrant - each one so different to the next. Honest, raw, extraordinary and mundane.

As a mother of three, I know the mundane all too well. The routine, the days that blend into one another.. but there is beauty there. Great beauty. And sometimes we need to be reminded of that. To be shown what's right in front of our faces, every day. Sometimes the daily grind of routine and responsibility becomes overwhelming and we forget. I'm really good at reminding you.

We'll spend a couple of hours together, usually beginning at home - because that's where we're all most comfortable. We'll chat and have a cuppa, and I'll follow the kids around. They'll show me their favourite things and share too much because that's what kids are good at. We'll all laugh and I'll get to know your little unit a bit better so I can tell your story right. We can head into the backyard, or down the road to the playground or beach to finish up. A priceless little parcel will arrive at your door a few weeks later, and you'll be overjoyed that you had me along for just a tiny snippet.. to freeze your little ordinary life and show you how wonderful it is. To give you that incredible family portrait you've been craving.