Do we want an album? Is it worth the extra expense? YES and YES.

Photos were made for printing. Simple. Your story, held in your hands. Not forgotten on a hard drive or USB in the back of a drawer. Printed - framed, stuck on the fridge, on the pinboard, taped the wall, made into a book - whatever you want! JUST PRINT YOUR STORY.

I want to make albums for everyone - we don't have to save these purely for weddings alone! Weddings may be the beginning of a huge chapter in our lives but all the things that follow are no less important. If anything, I've found them to be more important.

Printed on fine art paper using vivid archival inks, these 10 x 10 inch hardcover albums are sleek and modern, designed to be left out and flicked through regularly - not put away in the cupboard and forgotten about (and not a white glove in sight for turning pages like the old days!). Lush 20mm thick matte pages open to lay completely flat with no loss of images down into seams, allowing beautiful full spread design. With so many options to choose from to suit everyone's unique style, there's an album for every occasion - not just the ones when we're looking picture perfect. Because real life isn't picture perfect wedding day. It's raw and gritty and emotional and spectacular.

Please email me for further information, sizing and pricing.