jo + alex / melbourne, victoria

Oh my….. Tahnee I’m kind of lost for words. That video. It’s just ah-maaaay-zing!!!!!!!!

I cannot tell you how many times we’ve watched it. And each time, it just takes me right back to that day, the happiest day of my life!! And each time I watch, I seem to get more emotional..

This video is the most incredible way to re-live those magical moments. It brings the photos and the emotion and joy of the day so vividly to life. It is such a unique way to show people who weren’t able to join us, what our celebration was like. I can’t quite put into words how happy I am that I have such a wonderful, beautifully put together memory, to watch for years to come..

You are so so clever!! The mix of video and your wonderful pictures blend so well together. Its like the feeling of the day is jumping off the screen for all those who watch. So much more engaging than photos alone..

I just can’t thank you enough Tahnee. Sharing the day with you was such a pleasure. You were so good at blending in and navigating your way around sometimes tight spaces and capturing so many moments… you really have a wonderful eye and skill for knowing when and where to be..!!

Jo + Alex