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All collections include high resolution images delivered by USB in joyfully loud, colourful parcels, and your choice of prints and/or album.

Please get in touch for availability and full details.

Birth $2350

Fine art maternity + newborn (studio) from $1250

Family portraits + Fresh 48 (1.5-2hrs) from $950


Don't see what you're looking for? Please get in touch via email, I would love the opportunity to work with you.


Where are you based? Do you travel interstate/overseas?

I live on the Gold Coast, Australia. I love to travel and make regular trips to other cities when beautiful clients invite me back time and again. Wherever you are in the world, I can be there - passport at the ready! If you love my work enough to fly me to another continent, special rates apply to make our collaboration more affordable. 

We're nervous about having our photos taken.. can we meet?

I know - it's a little scary having someone stick their camera in your face. But I promise I'll be gentle! When photographing families, I shoot is documentary style which means I'm usually watching you from afar and not directing you to pose, but I can certainly lighten the mood and give a little direction when needed, to make sure your guard is lowered as far down as possible. Posing has its place in the studio for fine art portraits. If we're shooting baby's birth, 95% of the time we'll meet in person before the big event. Very rarely, this isn't possible, especially if distance is an issue, so that's where Skype comes in handy. Above all, I want to shoot with you because you feel something when you look at my work - that's why you reached out. But running a close second, I want you to be super comfortable with me. Because our relationship is important and feeling comfortable means letting me in.. which is where the magic happens.

We'd love you to photograph the birth of our baby - but what if baby arrives before you?

I've must say - photographing babies arriving into the world is my absolute favourite. It is like nothing else. To be invited into such a sacred space when you are at your most vulnerable and open - the weight of these moments is not lost on me. I gave birth to my children before photographing my first birth, and I think it was a huge advantage for me. I knew how mum was feeling and the pain she was in. Having been in your shoes three times over, I know how it feels. I know what to look for. I KNOW.

While my heart bursts for birth photography, it is also the most unexpected and unplanned kind (outside of planned c-section). We do the best we can with planning around your due date, length of any previous births, possible complications, your health and how your obstetrician/midwife is treating you as you head into your final month. There are a number of variables that need to line up for successfully capturing baby's arrival - date, location, time of day. We plan as much as we can and then pray for the rest. More often than not, baby seems to know our plans and works with us. But sometimes baby is in too big a hurry. Working together, we agree and respect that baby's plans may be different to ours, meaning I may not reach you until the first few hours after baby is born. This means your planned capture for birth has become a Fresh 48 - documenting a couple of hours of baby's first two days in the world. In addition, we'll also do a family session once you're home and feeling more settled, but still within baby's first eight weeks.

How long does it take for our photos to arrive?

All portrait collections are delivered with three weeks of your session date; if you're ordering an album, this takes an extra week or two.

We would really like an album and prints - can you help us with that?

Absolutely. Holding your photos in your hands is what it's all about. Yes, it's not a cheap exercise, but it's a worthwhile one. And if you look at your album and prints the way they're intended - another chapter in your legacy and story - then your focus shifts to investment, not just dollars. Prints are sourced through superior fine art printers, and your album is the finest quality on the market. We work together to ensure all your favourites make it to the 10 x 10 inch hardcover album.

Once you receive your digital collection and have had time to pour over every beautiful photo, you'll make the tough decision as to which photos will make it to the album. There is no rush at all - unless you want there to be. We take as much time as necessary to create the album you want, allowing for two proof runs before heading to the printer.

Book your album in at the same time as your wedding, and save $300. Special rates apply for identical multiples for parents and family. 

How do we make a booking? What happens next.. can we contact you?

Once we've had a chat and have a date lined up, I'll send through an agreement that needs to be signed and returned, together with a 50% deposit. Final payments are made two weeks prior to your session date. Births and Fresh 48 sessions are a little different in that sometimes our planning goes out the window and baby's arrival may be captured before your final payment has been made. This is totally fine because that's just part and parcel of trying to work with unborn babies! All your beautiful photos are sent off once full payment has been received.

I'm always available to chat/email if you'd like to keep me up to date with baby's movements or family plans. Open communication is the key to a great relationship between us; it gives me a great insight into the beginning of your story.

What if we want something you haven't offered here?

If you're after something I haven't covered, please get in touch via email and all you have to do is ASK! I try to keep my personal work flowing along in the background - and sometimes foreground when I need to focus inward again - and you can find some of them under projects up on the left. Some of my personal work lends itself to editorial and am open to collaborate.