Friday 15 November 2013
The Spit, Gold Coast.

We were all up in Queensland celebrating my nephew's first birthday. It coincided perfectly with our seven month shoot. It was a no brainer.

And it had to be sunrise. Only we hadn't really thought too far ahead about what time the sun actually rises in Queensland. A little different to Victoria. It's early. REALLY early. I've said it before--I'll say it again--my sister has never complained about the times and locations I have chosen each month of the series. She had struggled with sleep the week prior and was feeling pretty tired. I asked her whether she would prefer to do a sunset instead, to make it easier on her body. She said no. Sunrise would be better.

So we did it.

This was the first shoot that my BIL came along for. I had seen him in this one from the beginning. I had even chosen the music, almost back at the very start when they had told me about the baby. But once we shot this one and I had a look at the photos, I knew instantly that the music wasn't right. So I'll save it for another time.

This was really me, watching them, and clicking, as they took a morning stroll on the beach. Saying hi as the surfers turned up one by one. The tiniest bit of direction to line them up with the lifeguard tower. The rest is just them.

My BIL joined us each month for the remainder of the series. I think you'll see why.