When we started this little project I knew each month of the series should be vastly different from the last. I wanted to try different locations, lighting and which part of the day we would shoot. This was always about improving my skills as a photographer as much as giving this lovely gift to my sister (yes, plenty of promo opportunity too). Courtney suggested this one and it was a goodie.

When she first mentioned it, instantly in my head I saw beautifully dark images with strips of early morning or late afternoon sunlight casting angled luminance through the carpark. Of course that was before bloody daylight savings kicked in. And I didn't count on all the fluorescent lighting either.

But this one was fun. Even when I asked her to get in the trolley, parked in the trolley return and she laughed, assuming I was joking.

And especially when getting told off by security for riding with Peppa and George. Courtney was (comically) mortified when the deadpan faced security guard told her these sorts of rides were only made to support children up to the age of four. As we laughed in his face and headed into Woolies he didn't seem to get the joke.